YouTube Trends Report

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by: Karl Long

Asi of the No Man’s Land Blog has just created a very nice little content analysis of the youtube top 100.

To start with some figures, the all times #1 has been viewed 28,643,691 times to date. Closing this list #100 has been viewed 1,543,402 times.
58 user generated content  

31 music videos, of which 20 are fairly contemporary and 11 are a variety of cheesy nostalgic ridicule hilarious spoof videos. [*there is some artificial division here as some videos within this list can be considered as UGC. For now I’ll leave it here]

4 commercial ads – amazing achievement for Sony Bravia Balls (#34 with 3,466,011 views), but not least for Crispin Porter + Bogusky as all other three (!) commecials on the Top100 are the brilliant VW Pimp My Auto executions. Apparently we no longer need a TV to watch great TV ads…

3 commercial virals (at least that I was able to detect: 2 identical Nike-Ronaldinio and one for Nintendo)

2 movie trailers

2 Asian candid camera shows

Check it out, there are some nice nuggets here, and more to the point, there is more work to be done here. Media companies have to realize that online video shares very little in common with television.

  1. Online videos have an audience of 1…. who is connected to millions of other people
  2. Online videos transcend time, and are potentially watched over the course of years (the long tail in action)
  3. The viewers are co-creating value, with tags, comments, ratings, and mashups

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

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