Pizzeria Uno

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by: David Polinchock

A few weeks ago, Sydney & I went to Pizzeria Uno and she decided to have the make your own pizza for her dinner. She had quite the grand time making it and when it came to the table, she looked at it and said Oooh, it's gorgeous. Yea, she's a pretty cute kid.

She spent the next two weeks telling us she wanted to go back to Pizzeria Uno so she can make another pizza and we finally had the chance last night. She had a friend, CeCe, for a sleepover and all she talked about for the 3 days was taking CeCe to Pizzaria Uno so she can show her how she makes her own pizza.

Now, honestly, at 5 she doesn't really eat that much of the pizza she makes, but she really has a great time making it and sharing it with her friends. It's a great way for Pizzeria Uno to build loyalty with their future audience, while teaching them about their product & brand. Think about it, it's the ultimate consumer generated product!

The end result is that she's now added Pizzeria Uno to the list of restaurants that she requests by name. And she's been telling her friends all about it and inviting them to go make their own pizza too. You can't beat that kind of WOM!

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