In Sleep Advertising … In Your Dreams?

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Written by: Alain Thys             Discovered by: Ilya Vedrashko            

Ever hear the story that you could pass for your exam as long as you put the books under your pillow?  Apparently a number of major advertisers (like Coca Cola, Speedo and Nike) are taking a page out of that book by seriously investigating how they can become part of what you absorb while you sleep.  Crazy ?  Not according to Ivan Nydea and Nevin Fester at In-Sleep.

The technology is a little bit more complex than putting a book under your pillow, as it is explained here on eMarketer which is predicting quite a bright future for this nanobot based advertising which in a way makes brands "part of your dreams". 

And if you think this is over the edge, check out eMarketer's report on Ancestral Advertising.

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