ROI of Blogging

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by: Karl Long

Dennis Howlett, a business blogger (with a focus on IT and Finance) writes an interesting post about the conundrum of ROI for corporate bloggers.

ROI is a question that comes up for small businesses as well as larger corporations, blogging requires an investment in money and time, and most businesses would like to quantify the benefits before they embark on any investment. In his article Dennis does a great job of covering many of the intangible benefits that come along with business blogging, and even goes into the deeper areas of corporations inability to value human capital properly, I concur.

The one thing I’ll add to this, in keeping with the investment analogy, is that blogs are like “savings accounts for ideas” and therefore valuing them before you’ve put anything in them is rather like trying to value a savings account with $1 in it. The reason i like the savings account analogy is that every time you make a post to a blog it’s like sticking another $5 or $10 in the account, keep doing that every week and at the end of the year you will have an lot of ideas and intellectual capital captured that will be growing with compound interest. What’s the interest? Well incoming links, comments, trackbacks, visitors.

I’ve created a couple of proposals for companies to help them create there own blogs and most of the work is not setting up the blog, its getting a process in place to help create content, or making the deposits

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