Smart Library

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by: Sebastian Campion

A Danish Library has tagged its entire media collection (+300.000) with RIFD stickers in place of barcodes.

Besides enabling its borrowers to automatically borrow, renew and return books and other media, the Library is developing an 'intelligent bookshelf' that will make it easier to find books as well as alert people if an item has been misplaced. Naturally, the RFID tagged items are also secured against theft.

By employing RFID, the idea is to optimize the library-experience and free ressources to focus on entirely new services for the future. The library offers an extensive amount of info on RFID technology, which might be the reason why they apparently have recieved little or no complaints about privacy issues, which otherwise tend to dominate the discourse when RFID is used in the public service sector.

Silkeborg Public Library

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