Image of Europe

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by: Sebastian Campion

Commissioned by The European Union, Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas/OMA has designed a new European flag.

The barcode-like logo places all the colours of the national flags of EU nations in strips alongside each other, thereby adressing the nations' individuality and collectiveness in one image.

The flag is a part of an exhibition and symposium held in Brussel under the title 'Image of Europe', The exhibition is about the representation and perception of Europe and was organized by Koolhaas and developed under the joint sponsorship of the Dutch Presidency and the European Commission

Despite being more beautiful, meaningfull and dynamic than the current blue flag with yellow 12 stars (that remain unchanged regardless of EU enlargements because it's a symbol of 'perfection', no less), Koolhaas' conceptual flag has provoked an outcry of critisism.

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