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“The customer voice is a signal, not noise.”

What capabilities should a Voice of the Customer manager have? I often struggle to answer this question. The reason is that getting customer data and creating business insight based on require two different types of people. A researcher should deliver unbiased data, but a business operative should be biased towards the business. VoC manager should therefore be able tocreate a bridge between these two.

I thought I was crazy for even thinking this, until I heard from a colleague working for one of the largest B2B companies in the world. Their VoC programme ran for many years; they invested time and effort into a platform to deliver customer insight to all parties that needed it. However, it turned out that delivering the data was not enough. Action was slow. Some of the regional groups realised that they actually did not understand what the results meant for them, particularly what should be done with them. As a result, a“data translator”team was created.

Your role as a VoC Manager is being a translator for everyone in the company. A translator of data, comments, results, insights, into the language the different departments and people understand. Otherwise, the customer voice is just another source of noise.

How do you become a translator?

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