Patients Want More Control over Their Own Healthiness – Those Supplying Healthcare Services Had Better Understand That Fact

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McKinsey has been looking at the attitudes of patients in the context of what it means to Big Pharma

The thing that stood out for me was this statement:

Patients are becoming more than just passive recipients of therapies. Healthcare will be driven much more by consumers than physicians, with patients increasingly coming to their doctors with more information, parameters they measured at home, and an informed opinion about how they should be treated.

If this is true – and I think it is – then the market potential for providing the tools and information for the engaged patient is huge (massive).

Unfortunately, the Healthcare Industry is slow to change and will be dragged screaming into this new relationship between patient and provider, however, it is not a matter of if this will happen but when.

I have written about this topic before. Why?

The number of older people that will want to get more control of their healthcare is the reason and that will result in a significant business opportunity for the next decade. That’s why.

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