Millennials Look for Experiences over Possessions – So Do Their Parents

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I had to laugh when Marketing magazine had a headline “Millennials look for experiences over possessions.” I thought that I had read something like that before and then remembered a blog posting back in 2008 that said something very similar only this time it was about Boomers.

The item appeared on the Harvard Business Review forum web site. The author, Professor John Quelch who is a mighty distinguished academic. He thought the result of the economic gloom will be a change in priorities (for some) from purchasing stuff to seeking and buying experiences.

Quelch reckoned many older people perceive that they have more stuff than they need and that they want to collect experiences, not possessions.

Looks like their kids caught the same ‘experiences bug’.

Just goes to prove you need to be VERY careful when reading these off the cuff articles in marketing magazines.

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