Three Simple Ways To Transform Organizations

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by: Laszlo Kovari

You can start with any of these today! Start with your direct reports and let it pass through the entire organization.

No analysis required, just commitment, communications and GUTS (CC&G)! I won’t get into technicalities, you know how to do what you need to do!

Just one more thing: you must lead by example in all areas!

1. Fire the liars! Big, gross lies: right away. Subtle lies: 3 strikes & out… or whatever your style and temperament. Leading by example means to be brutally honest with yourself and others: you can’t fire liars if you’re one! Afraid you’re going to get fired? I guarantee it’ll be good for you!

2. Eradicate gossip! The way to do it is to make it transparent, bring it to light! Once it’s out in the open, gossip dies! Here’s 3 random examples:

a.  if someone complains to you about somebody, ask them: have you addressed this with him? If not, ask him to do it and report back to you with the results the next day. If it’s not done you bring the two into a room and address it: Joe: Jim tells me this about you. I think you should talk this through. You MUST get involved!

b. Don’t tolerate negative talk about those not present at meetings. If somebody does it, follow 2.a.!

c. If you hear two guys gossiping, step up and adjust 2.a. to 3 people.

3. Confront! If you don’t like something about somebody, address it! This will force you to think through the issue, think about the other guy’s situation and possible motives, to consider circumstances that you may have not thought about right away, etc. In other words: it will force you to be considerate and understanding before you do the confrontation, because it’s tough and you don’t want to walk in ignorant or arrogant. I’ve done both, it doesn’t feel good! If done well, confrontations are the BEST communications tool: they are proactive, keeps everybody sharp, it puts things in the open and facilitate communications. If you are on the receiving end of the confrontation, it teaches you to control your emotions, teaches you to listen thoroughly and to think and understand. If confrontation becomes a natural part of communications, most of the stress factor disappears over time, people become sharper, more considerate and tolerant and much less emotional! I’d say much happier!

Bonus: Do not tolerate assholes! After McKinsey published an article on this topic about 4 years ago, there are now consulting companies specializing on this very issue; it has become a field! Well: just don’t tolerate them!

My definition is that assholes are people who poison the environment: manipulative, self-centered, inconsiderate, using others’ kindness, generosity and intelligence to advance their own mundane agendas (typically career and money): they go against the common good.

Dig in: maybe they are just confused. If not: Fire them! Do NOT reward them! Sure: some of them are bringing the numbers. So what?

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