What Jill Sobule’s Psychiatrist Prescribed

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Jill Sobule is a model of excellent online communication with fans. This is one of my favorite stories from the interviews I’ve been doing with musicians:


Jill: I was having a writer’s block about a year ago, year and a half ago, and my friend said, well why, you know, you want to see my therapist. I hadn’t seen a therapist in you know, for one– because this was a psychiatrist, the one that give you drugs, because I’m thinking maybe I have ADD, maybe I should get on Ritalin., so that’s what I was thinking was going to happen. I was that desperate. So I went to him and he listened to me for about an hour and a half, and he just kept writing and he says, you know, so tell me your typical day, what you do. And I told him that and at the end, he got out his prescription book and started writing, and I’m thinking I’m getting speed. And he wrote and he handed it to me and it says “no internet for two weeks.”

Nancy: Really?

Jill:  Yes, He goes that what he sees all the time, that I was spending way too much time. If I wanted to write, I needed to disconnect.

Nancy: Did you do that?

Jill:  Mm hmm.

Nancy: Did it work.

Jill:  For eight days.

Nancy: Did you write a lot?

Jill:  It was fantastic.

Image by: Billy Quach

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