Guest Post by: Monica Shaw

It’s the first Royal Wedding of the digital age, and if you use the internet at all, you can’t avoid hearing about it. In addition to news coverage, people all over the world are tweeting, Facebooking and blogging about wedding-related gossip, photos and trivia. Many brands are taking advantage, too, with wedding-themed products like Pieminster‘s commemorative royal pies.

If you’ve got wedding fever, here are a few ways to track the Royal Wedding in social media. We also give a run-down of what we’ve found so far tracking the wedding with our own social media tools.

4 Ways to Track the Royal Wedding in Social Media

Wedding Bell Buzz

We set the wedding loose on our own tools to see what the buzz was about so far.

Unsurprisingly, Kate Middleton is the main focal point, with poor Prince William eclipsed by London Chamber Orchestra, Chapel Royal Coir, and other matters related to the wedding performances.

Source: Skyttle Search

What has the world gossiping about Kate? Well, if you’ve been following the wedding at all, then you can probably guess: the wedding dress is centre stage.

Source: Skyttle Search

This is also reflected in Twitter, where the recent choice of Sophie Cranston as designer has been very well received.

Source: Skyttle Realtime Twitter Analytics

What’s amazing is the overwhelming positive buzz around the Royal Wedding. Sure, for all the buzz, there are a ton of cynics and naysayers out there, but the spirit of wedding fever rings much MUCH louder than the rest.

Have you caught Royal Wedding fever? How are you keeping up with the news? Let us know in the comments!

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