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Sorry, I just don’t get it. It’s like they said in Mad Men, “we are artisans, not artists.” We create work for clients. This is a business. A business built on solving problems through great creativity. Sure it’s changing. Every business changes. Somewhere along the way some folks have forgotten that.

The world of advertising has gotten a lot more complicated. Consumers have a lot more power. That’s the way it works. Besides, the greatest creativity comes from complications and constraints, and using them to figure out brilliant business solutions. Clients — more than ever — need our help solving those business problems in a positive and constructive way.

As an industry, we can either help clients figure out the future or sit back and long for the Mad Men days of three martini lunches and big TV budgets.

Let’s lean forward instead of back.

Let’s be positive instead of negative.

Let’s let go of our egos and insecurities and radically evolve this industry of ours for the betterment of clients, consumers, creatives, strategists, and everyone else.

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