Top Challenges in Content Marketing

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Guest Post by: Katie Byrnes

A poll taken by MarketingProfs unveiled the biggest challenges marketers have with content marketing. The challenges include:


  1. Producing engaging content (36%)
  2. Producing enough content (21%)
  3. Budget to produce content (20%)
  4. Lack of C-level buy-in (11%)
  5. Producing a variety of content (9%)
  6. No answer (3%)

In his latest vlog, Jeff Ogden (the Fearless Competitor) expands on the top two challenges in content marketing. Read the the summary, or watch the video, below.

How do you produce engaging content?

You must do something that the audience enjoys and connect with them on an emotional level. People enjoy learning something unexpected. Start by brainstorming, even suggest crazy and unusual ideas.

How do you produce enough content?

The key to creating enough content is to take stock of what you have and find ways to repurpose it. Think of using different types of media. Think of turning a blog into a poll then announcing the winners of the poll through a weekly video.

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