A Marketing Guy’s Approach to Self Marketing

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Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

I got this email the other day from a marketing guy looking for a job.

It’s so full of generalities that it’s borderline funny. I think it would be difficult to write something like this for a “the most undifferentiated” competition.

If I took it seriously it may even be somewhat insulting; but luckily the thing can’t be taken seriously.

I decided to post it because it sheds light on the sorry state of the marketing industry today. I will not insult your intelligence by drawing analogies between this guy’s approach, the content he wrote and marketing “best practices” widely used today.

I did not make any modifications with the exception of company names, salary, education and current title (just to be safe, but it wouldn’t have made a difference even if I had left them) to protect his “identity”.

I sent him an answer which I included below his piece.

I am sure he doesn’t read blogs, but if he does, I hope he won’t take this the wrong way and will be able to look at this with a sense of humor.

Here it goes, have fun!

Dear Recruiter:

I am a Marketing and Brand Manager with expertise managing highly complex, strategic projects, programs and initiatives that affect organizational goals and objectives. I have been recognized for developing and implementing strategies to increase revenue and market acceptance. I have strong managerial and interpersonal skills and a track record of building high performance teams and lasting customer relationships.

I have demonstrated capabilities in Product Development, Business Development, Strategy Development, Budgeting, Positioning and Innovation. I am seeking a senior management role at a company which will utilize my operational and leadership strengths while affording me the opportunity to influence the evolution and results of the business.


* Goal/Objective:

Director of marketing, General Manager, Brand Manager

* Previous Companies/Industries:

couple of big multies here

* Recent Job Titles:


* Skills:

Product Development, Business Development,

Strategy Development, Budgeting, Positioning and Innovation

* Geographic Preference:

Open- domestic and international

* Salary Requirements:

6 figures

* Education:


I appreciate your consideration of my credentials and look forward to a conversation to discuss how I might fit with your clients’ needs. In order to keep my search focused, I ask that you contact me before forwarding my resume to any of your clients.


The only possible answer to this:

Dear Job Seeker:

“thank you” for your mass email!

I must say your positioning is very unique, both in terms of your experience, your goals and your style/approach…but I guess coming from a marketing professional this is a given.

I am impressed by how much effort you have put into getting to know me, our industry and into how we, as retained executive search consultants work.

I find it also impressive that you took enough care not to make all the recruiters you approached visible in the “cc’ line.

Now that we have the “relationship” part behind us, I am looking forward to discussing the highly confidential needs of my clients with you.

Regarding keeping your job search focused: I can certainly assure you that under no circumstances am I going to send your resume to any of my clients without first contacting you..btw: with the relationship we now have, how could you assume I’d do such an unprofessional thing? To give weight to this promise I have already deleted your email both from my inbox and from the trash folder with your attached CV.

Best regards,

A. Recruiter

from Europe

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