(9/10) My Top 10 Tips for Implementing Social Media

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continued from part one, this article will be published in 10 instalments

nine: quantity and flow of information

The collaborative web revolves around content. If you launch a collaborative website which generates only one or two posts and comments you are therefore exposing your company and your brand. Content has to be up to date and plentiful.

ten: when the rubber meets the road

Last but not least, even if you have respected the first 9 rules, all still remains to be done. As always when it comes to implementing information systems, execution is everything. In other words it’s not just a matter of content, it’s mostly a matter of implementation and field practice. Let’s repeat once more that social media is not just about following the rules of the game, it’s a way of life and requires strong company involvement.

to be continued … yes indeed, there is still one more piece of advice I’d like to deliver, so you’ll have to show a little more patience.

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