Morgan Stanley’s Mobile Internet Report 2010

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We wrote a couple of weeks ago about the role of mobile in the Japanese social networking market. It is a market where consumer internet use is driven as much by mobile devices as by PCs. Japan, and other Asian markets, are known for having more established mobile internet usage than in Europe, America or elsewhere. Therefore it is great to see a report that highlights the growth and development of the the global mobile internet marketing.

Morgan Stanley’s 2010 Mobile Internet Report, published in December 2009, predicts that 2010 will be a tipping-point for mobile internet globally. Perhaps most notably it will be the year when 3G penetration is expected to increase to more than 20% globally. In Western Europe, the penetration rate will creep above 50% of all mobile connection.

This growth will drive a change in behaviour to increase the use of mobile devices in three notable areas:

  1. Social networking – consumers want to connect with others from their handset
  2. Video – consumers want to find, select and watch video from their handset
  3. VOIP – consumers want to chat via a mix of voice, messaging and video from their handset

The 2010 Mobile Internet Report from Morgan Stanley is full of a wealth of statistics and analysis on these issues and the mobile market more broadly. That’s why it’s Required Reading at FreshNetworks this week.