CNN 'Hologram' and Other Studio Gadgetry

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

Wired runs an overview of the heavy gadgetry trotted out by networks during last night’s elections coverage. The CNN’s "hologram" was not a hologram at all, unfortunately, but we have to admit that this "via hologram" sounds pretty awesome. Here’s a similar effect of "telepresence" as demonstrated by Cisco.

MSNBC’s 3D set-up from Brainstorm was pretty cool, too.

Loved the virtual capitol on CNN:  "The "virtual Capitol" is newer, and so perhaps cooler. I’m standing in the studio looking at an empty desk, and glance up at a monitor and see how a full model of the Capitol building has somehow been dropped on top of that desk (which is still empty). Then you can open the top of the Capitol (don’t try this at home) and see how the seats are being won and lost as the night goes on." (source )

Video of the virtual capitol.

Video: first time via hologram!