The Globalization of Facebook

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by: Scott Goodson

Fred Wilson points out in his blog that Facebook is not experiencing a decline but rather it has reached a plateau in the USA. Look a few feet outside the US border and we see a very different picture.

His post was in response to Erick Schonfeld’s blog talking about Facebook fatigue and the flattening of the facebook growth curve in the US.

But the charts in Erick’s post tell a different story, that Facebook is a global business now and what’s happening in the US is not anywhere near the whole story.

Here are some stats Wilson culled from comscore.

Check that out. The percentage of monthly uvs coming from the US dropped from 76% at the start of the year to 35% at the end of the year. The percentage from the three big english speaking countries (US, UK, and Canada) dropped from 96% at the start to 64% at year end. Europe is now 23% of Facebook and Asia is now 14%.

Here is where Facebook’s growth is coming from right now.










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