We Didn’t Start The Viral – Commercial Successes

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by: Karl Long

Todd linked to this excellent viral homage to some of the notable viral videos of the last few years. Believe me they list a hell of a lot, but what I found interesting was the number of deliberate commercial “virals” for want of a better word. These are the companies/people that managed to achieve what I believe is quite a feat, to launch a deliberate campaign that “goes viral”.


The Dark Knight (batman)
VW – Unpimp your ride
Burger King (creepy king and subservient chicken related)
Saturday Night Live (mostly Lonely Island stuff which of course is all coming off youtube because NBC thinks everyone is going to go to Hulu.com)
Snakes On A Plane
Sony Bravia
Will It Blend – Blend Tek
John West Salmon
Halo 2 – I love bees ARG by

Ask a ninja
Lonely Girl

I may have missed some, feel free to add in the comments and I’ll update

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