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by: David Polinchock

Learned about a new blog today and this was the first post on it. Love stories like this and wish more brand managers took this kind of knowledge to heart.

I'll bet that you can use similar information to track brands to see which ones will be successful based on what the brand managers are spending their time doing. I think that way too many brand managers spend their time on the minutiae of their job, pushing paper just to keep the status quo going. That’s why brands lose their relevance over time. Too many people at too many brands just look internally at what’s been done before and maybe checking to see what the competition is doing that they never get around to looking at the future. They’ll even tell you that if you ask. So, maybe they’ll look at this study and see if they can start looking to the future to save their brand! And make sure you check out the rest of getFreshMinds while you're there.

Companies whose chief executives speak about future events and external activities innovate more than those whose chiefs don't, a U.S. university study says.“By simply counting the number of future-oriented sentences in annual reports we can predict future innovation by the firm,” said marketing Professor Rajesh Chandy of the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

CEOs who focus their attention on future events and external activities lead their firms to early adoption and invention of new technologies and greater and faster development of innovations, said Chandy, whose study appears in the next issue of the Journal of Marketing.

In contrast, firms whose CEOs focus on internal operations are slower to detect, adopt and implement new technologies, Chandy’s study found. Words, not just actions, of the CEO set the tone to inspire, propel and
motivate employee innovation, he said….

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