by: Karl Long

  1. the demo - “stain remover”
  2. show the problem - “i’ve fallen and I can’t get up”
  3. symbolize the problem - cold symptoms turn person into ogre
  1. symbolize the benefit - laxative and old faithful
  2. comparison - sh
  3. exemplary story - the vw crashing ad
  4. benefit causes story - Axe effect
  5. testimonial - real people losing weight
  6. ongoing charecters or celebs - Taco bell dog, or cavemen
  7. associated user imagery - people you want to hang out with, nike
  8. unique personality property - apple genius commercials, or dyson for the vaccuum
  9. parody or borrowed format - geico small house ad

see the video here on Slate

I wonder where viral falls into this? Where would the Ka’s Evil Twin fall? Or the Eppy Birds diet coke and mentos experiment? I think the Smirnoff Tea Partay is pretty much the “parody or borrowed format”.

Sorry for the dashed off post, i’m just getting ready to leave, but I thought this was very interesting.

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