Coke virtual thirst – update

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by: Stefan Kolle (via Business & Games)

After some mixed reactions to the announcement of the Coke Virtual Thirst contest (see also my previous article), Coke has responded by tweaking the contest a bit, and adding a 'cash' prize of 500.000 Linden Dollars. More importantly however, they have released a video on Youtube, responding to the critics.

All I can say is – WELL DONE! A very informal yet concrete reply, showing they listened and understood what they were hearing. See below for the video.

Where they went wrong in their response to the Coke/Mentos hype, by going corporate on our asses, this time they show their human face.

It's a shame the legal complaints can't be addressed, but it does help having them explained in plain words.

It's nice to see big corporations moving up on the learning curve this quickly

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