Our own Wiki-experiment

futurelab placeholder website

By: Stefan Kolle

As you may have noticed, we recently started a new blog, Business and Games. We want to become the one source of all relevant information about the cross-section of business and gaming – starting from in-game advertising and adgames, but also looking into such developments as Serious Games and application of gaming concepts in education.  The main body of conten is currently provided by Ilya Vedrashko, which you know as one of our top contributors, but we will be adding more contributors shortly.

As of today we have launched a wiki as a companion site to the BG blog, by way of experiment. We realise that there is a lot of terminology used in gaming that is not immediately obvious to the uninitiated (do you prefer your MMORPG RTS or ARG?). This wiki will serve as the dictionary and encyclopedia, but also as a one-stop resource base.

Obviously, it will take a lot of time and effort to build this wiki up to be a real source of information, but every journey starts with a small step </end cliche>. We hope our readers will become an active part of this undertaking, and if succesful, we may create a similar wiki to accompany the Futurelab blog.

Have a look – and share!