Analysis Paralysis And Finding Your Voice (again)

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By: David Armano

Charline Li from Forrester is back at blogging after over a month-long hiatus.  Her latest post provides a profound insight of what can happen when blogging and life collide and the perils of second guessing yourself—or in Charlene’s own words, analysis paralysis:

"I realized this past week that I’m suffering from analysis paralysis — I’ve been holding myself to a level of analysis and writing that is simply unreasonable given what I want this blog to be. My last substantial post was on the YouTube acquisition by Google, which was quite the event. But those kind of blog post opportunities come roughly about once a year, and for some reason, I’ve been trying to write similar posts for the past month with no success.

So I’ve vowed to follow Nike’s mantra and "just do it", or in this case, to "just blog it". Damn the idea of quality and depth of analysis — I’m better off getting something out there and getting your reactions to it. So here I am, writing a stream of consciousness and finding my voice again."

Charlene’s post provides a deep insight into the nature of social media (and maybe life).  It’s less about perfection and more about being an individual—strengths, flaws and all.  Charlene’s blog  provides an opportunity to understand how Charlene sees things and express her opinions in voice that is uniquely hers.  She says it best:

"I’m often told by readers that my blog has an interesting voice which always I find so curious — because it’s not something that I consciously do"

So maybe that’s part of the appeal to personal publishing.  The opportunity to be personal.  Having access to someone’s  subconscious in addition to their conscious—and the opportunity to be creative without being "perfect".  Go check out the rest of the post.  And welcome back Charlene.  Both to you, and your voice.

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