over 1m of yahoos daily 60m queries are related to meals

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by: Lynette Webb

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I find this statistic amazing. I knew that people used search engines to find out about all sorts of things, of which recipes were one. And I knew that laptops in particular were increasingly finding their way into kitchens thanks not least to the joy of wifi. But meals accounting for 2.5% of all Yahoo’s queries every day? I’d not anticipated it was quite that pronounced. No wonder they’ve launched Yahoo! Food. 🙂 I’m curious now as to how it compares to other search engines. Is this something that is particularly skewed to Yahoo or does the same apply to Google?

PS: Apologies for my long silence. I was on holiday and (gasp! shock!) away from an Internet connection except very sporadically. Then I got back to work and was promptly squashed by everything that had arisen while I was away. Normal service will resume shortly. 🙂 

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