It’s the Grandparents Stupid

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by: Dick Stroud 

In the UK there is a lobby group trying to get the advertisings of toys banned until after the little darlings are safely tucked in their beds asleep (more likely accessing the Web). Why bother advertising to kids when you can get to their grandparents – the ones with no mortgages and deep pockets. No doubt somebody will try and ban this soon!

It is great to see that a couple of the big names in the US toy industry are now targeting grandparents.

KB Toys, the US’s largest mall-based specialty toy retailer, has launched its KB Toys Grandparents’ Rewards Club.

Fisher Price has a web site dedicated to” loving your grandbaby”.

OK, it is all a bit ‘tacky’ (sorry for the UK colloquial term) but it seems to be like pretty good marketing to me.

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