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by: Alain Thys

If you're in the Netherlands, you may already know, yet Futurelab is one of the partners of MediaPlaza's Marketing 3 conference.  In fact, in addition to people like Chris Anderson and Stefan Engeseth you will find as speakers the very first contributor to this blog Ilya Vedrashko, as well as yours truly (who also has the honour of being chairperson).As every keynote these days needs a little movie to accompany it (if Hammersley can, so can we 😉 here's our first try on Adobe to cut together a short video essay on the concept that consumers aren't the pushovers we believed they used to be.

You can download it here (requires realplayer)

If you have any comments – good, bad, ugly or (behold 😉 about the content itself – we're keen to hear them.

For those who wonder, "why use an ancient download vs.  putting it on YouTube", the reasons are legal.  As we decided not to use "podsafe music" for this, we have to stick by a number of rules and to be on the safe side, they include not publishing on YouTube ourselves.  (for the record, the rights management guys at Sabam were great !)

If all is well we should have respected everyone's right either by seeking permission or as part of fair use (i.e. non commercial use within essay), yet if you feel that we have abused your rights, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll sort it out.


Titel: Sarabande [Max Power Phat Strings Remix]
Musicus: Camena
Publisher: Nukleuz, Media Record, 1 Pepys Court, 84-86 The Chase, London SW4 0NF
Release Date: 1/9/06
The full track can be bought on

Video credits
Dots video by Bitter – business phone: +1-403-262-2676

Credits for photography

* trendy looking man – (c) Lisa Gagne
* news anchor via
* friends wallpaper via world-wild-wallpapers
* crying woman – (c) little killjoy
* american idols screenshot – (cc) Spoospa
* german programme guide – (c) XiXiDu
* US dollars – (cc) Yomanimus
* hands in TV – (c) SextoActo
* logos against black background – (c) Styles DB
* guy with laptop – (c) Dr.Grounds
* the long tail cover – A.Thys
* podcast logo – (c) Logan_x
* SL screenshot – (cc) PathfinderLinden
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