A Blogger Service For the 50-plus

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by: Dick Stroud 

Fifty-Plus.Net International has launched a beta version blogging tool for the www.50Plus.com website. The press release says: “the site has been designed so that its audience, primarily those over the age of 50 have a safe, secure environment to socially network with others in this demographic”.

The site has been designed to be easy for an older audience to use, yet incorporates some newer search techniques such as the "Topic Cloud", which displays text in varying font sizes to illustrate the relative popularity of certain blog topics. Users can create their own blogs, post pictures, reply to other bloggers' posts and rate and review posts.

Anything that increases the visibility of the 50-plus online – or off-line – has to be commended. But, I would have thought that it would not have been a lot easier to have done a deal with one of the mainstream blogging services (e.g. Blogger). It seems like a waste of effort to create a bespoke blogging service when there are so many excellent ones already in existence. I like the idea of the “Topic Cloud”. Methinks they will have problems when some blogs becomes hundreds of times more popular than others.

Original Post: http://www.20plus30.com/blog/2006/09/blogger-service-for-50-plus.html