Innovate or Die? Beyond Deceptive Appearances

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by: Yann Gourvennec

Seneca, the Roman writer once wrote “Ducunt volentem Fata, nolentem trahunt”, which means “Fate leads the willing, and drags the unwilling”. Does that mean however that the “innovate or die” mantra is true.

Isaac Getz and Alan G. Robinson are sending a resounding no to that question. In their mind, the innovate or die motto has made too many companies believe in what they call the jackpot mentality, whereby consultants claim that disruptive innovation is the only approach that’s worthwhile but in actual fact never delivers on the promise. Getz and Robinson believe that the innovation jackpot should always give way to sound, down-to-earth work with employees and clients, idea nuturing and management (entitled SMI, System for Managing ideas) and continuous improvement. A bit radical, but this article is expressing a few inportant and universal home-truths. Don’t forget to read this article before embarking on an innovation venture. To buy this article click here. Note too that Blackwell publishing is making this article available online here.

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