Paths to Experience Design?

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by: David Armano

Experience Planners?  Interaction Designers?  Information Architects?  Creative Directors?  Visual Designers? There seems to be a conundrum in the industry related to emerging roles, titles and how they are evolving and intersecting. 













Especially if—like me, you work in the Interactive Marketing space.  In this space, we've been increasingly blending traditional creative skill sets with information architect-type skills.  But there is a lot of variation in these backgrounds—what used to be black and white is increasingly becoming Grey.  In an attempt to make sense of all this nuance, I've designed a graphic that displays different backgrounds and defines possible pathways as they move up the food chain.  Seems like many in the industry are struggling with this type of issue as we build up our "dream teams".  I'm looking for feedback here.  If this makes any sense. please let me know.  If I'm way off—do the same.  Thanks.

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