Three D’s of Customer Experience

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by: Karl Long

HBS working knowledge just published and article from Bain & Company called the three D’s of customer experience. Bain & Company is another top business consultancy rather like McKinsey.

Here’s a link to the article: The Three “Ds” of Customer Experience

And here’s the spoiler, the three D’s

  • They design the right offers and experiences for the right customers.
  • They deliver these propositions by focusing the entire company on them with an emphasis on cross-functional collaboration.
  • They develop their capabilities to please customers again and again���by such means as revamping the planning process, training people in how to create new customer propositions, and establishing direct accountability for the customer experience.

Strikes me that those three D’s span a great deal of any organization, D1 pretty much describes marketing responsability, D2 seems like leadership team and internal branding, and D3 sounds like an organizational development/culture building/change management task.

So now go do it

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