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Free Breakfast Session: NPS Programmes done right: To win loyal customers and profit!

Net Promoter Programs (or other Voice of the Customer approaches) have already become an integral part of operations for many companies. See how you can use NPS to win the best customers and to achieve the highest financial results for your business. Because without satisfied customers there is no successful service!

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Gratis Breakfast Session: Net Promoter richtig gemacht: Schnell Loyalere Kunden und mehr Gewinn!

Net Promoter Programme sind zu Recht zu einem festen Bestandteil vieler Unternehmen geworden. Holen Sie mithilfe von NPS die besten Kunden - und finanziellen Resultate aus Ihrer Firma heraus. Kein erfolgreicher Service ohne zufriedene Kunden!

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Is Net Promoter compliant with GDPR?

One of the questions we have been asked a lot recently is whether NPS is “GDPR-Proof”. Everyone is quite nervous about the GDPR regulation coming in May, as a misstep in managing the customers privacy could easily end up costing a company major amounts of fines.

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Introducing our new product: Net Promoter as a Service (or Outsourced NPS, if you wish)

Implementing a Net Promoter System® or any other Voice of the Customer programme can be difficult. You think of just starting to ask a few questions and nudging a few people in the right direction. It seems fairly easy in the beginning, but then things start to get complicated. You need to spend time setting things up, invest into technology, and keep on putting effort and internal resources even after the launch.

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Five Checks for your NPS Programme

Net Promoter programmes have rightfully become a staple of many businesses. But as can be seen from CustomerGauge's recent NPS benchmark report, every programme can be improved.

So, as 2017 is looming on the horizon, I want to propose five areas in which you might want to check whether your Net Promoter programme is up to scratch.  Or - if it isn’t - whether you should start planning some improvements in the coming year.

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Dealing with survey fatigue

A few days ago a colleague forwarded me an article about survey-fatigue. One of the main points of the author was that she felt being harassed by companies asking for her feedback on some random interaction. I must admit that people can indeed not care about your survey – even if you bring it down to the ultimate question. But this has more to do with the customer not caring about the company or brand that is asking the question than the survey itself.
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Checklist: Are you a VoC Champion?

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be involved with some of the largest - and smallest - Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Net Promoter(tm) programmes. I’ve had the privilege of being part of some great successes, but have also worked on initiatives to rectify some epic fails.   Each experience gave valuable insights in what works and what definitely doesn’t.
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First German language NPS conference and certification

If you're into NPS and happen to be in the area of Düsseldorf on September 3, you may want to participate in Germany's first Net Promoter conference.
It is organised by the NPS-Thinktank, a joint initiative by BUW Consulting, Futurelab and PaulusResult, the goal of this event is to bring together German NPS practitioners for best practices, case studies and lots of informal networking.
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Baseball Stats and CX Metrics (No, It's Not a Moneyball Story!)

The other night, I was reading my local version of the Auto Club's Westways magazine. One of the articles was an interview with the Angels' new player, Albert Pujols. What could Albert Pujols possibly say that would drive me to write this post? Oh, you know me by now. I can find a good CX story in pretty much anything! Well, his comments really struck a chord and are a great reminder of what all too many who measure employee and customer satisfaction end up doing: focusing on the score.

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Barriers to Customer Centricity (Presentation)

Earlier this month I had the honour of being affectionately introduced as the "warm-up act" for Fred Reichheld during an NPS masterclass he gave together in the Netherlands.   As Fred mainly focused on introducing the Net Promoter System and describing the dangers of bad profits, I decided to go for the more organisational aspects of customer-centricity.  I did this by focusing my talk on what I consider to be three of the main barriers to customer-centricity in many organisations:

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