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“Hire for attitude, train for success.”

When you start your CX programme, it is vital to involve your employees early on. To create a customer centric organization, your people need to be willing, skilled, and able to be customer centric. Let’s talk about the willing part first (we’ll get to skilled and able later).

We all had poor experiences, but did they happen because someone decided “I am going to RUIN someone’s day today”? More likely, they came from bad planning, poor processes, or lack of training. Not everyone is naturally customer centric, and not everyone will get it, particularly if it’s a new topic. My experienceis, that only 10-15% of employees are enthusiastic about new initiatives, plus about 30% cautiously join in after some observation. The rest are late adopters or maintain the “9 to 5” mentality (which is normal).

But for critical change, you may need more than normal. One of our clients, a tire manufacturer, had to radically improve their CX due to poor performance. As part of the plan, they re-hired about 50% of their staff, focusing on enthusiasm for customer centricity, and the following training (see later columns on skilled). Customer metrics soared, and so did the share price (it has doubled since this decision 5 years ago), while their competitors stayed at the same level.

Can you tell if your new hire is customer centric?