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“Make your work rewarding.”

Last week my company held a conference to exchange knowledge and experience with partners and clients. We all had a great day of workshops, presentations, and networking. The topics covered anything from customer metrics to AI. For the evening, we all went to a nice restaurant nearby the conference venue. I expected good food, interesting drinks, and a cozy atmosphere. I did not expect a Michelin-level customer service.

Restaurant service is a common topic for horror stories both on the customer and server side, while good experiences are often overlooked and taken for granted. So, when I see a team that’s doing everything to make guests feel welcome and cared for, I start asking questions. What’s your secret? The team was on their feet all day, how do you keep everyone so engaged and smiling? What drives their interest through the whole evening, from bread to last coffees? I waited until the crowd subsides and asked the maitre d. And as an answer, I got a widest smile and a passionate speech about the owners being passionate and empowering the team, how long they are together, how they all work there because they like hospitality and cherish their loyal customers. I told him they made my day; he told me I made his week. And while we were at it, my colleagues were discussing how they can make someone’s month, year, life better. CX is not an easy industry, but it is certainly rewarding in that sense.

What makes your work rewarding?