Let's Hope AARP's Influent50 Has More Success than Focalyst

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One of the advantages of being in the age business for so long is that you have seen most business models and joint-ventures come and go.

So it is with AARP’s new venture in advertising. This is what it says about itself:

We are Influent50, a full-service marketing agency powered by the experience and insights of AARP Services, Inc. — which has over 15 years of success in helping major brands connect with the 50+ audience. We also have access to more than 50 years’ worth of AARP’s knowledge on the 50+ market’s changing wants and needs. The result is an agency that’s wired with a deep understanding of how to communicate with those 50+, how to design products and services that fit their lives and how to connect with them on a personal level. So if you want to connect with them, connect with us.

Ten years ago AARP had its first crack at agency business when it launched Focalyst in conjunction with Kantar. OK, so this company was more about research than advertising. Unfortunately, Focalyst came and went and left little behind other than a URL than now links to Millward Brown. It promised so much a delivered, very little.

For AARP’s sake I hope Influent50 works out a tad better.

Personally, I think it is bound to fail. OK, it will get a few, maybe more than a few, one off projects but if a large corporate become serious about older consumers it will adopt an age-neutral approach and expect its main agency to handle the advertising for all ages rather than employ an agency just to target oldies.

Anyway, I wish it well and will follow its progress with great interest.

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