By now you probably got the memo that the population in Europe is growing older. That the opening of borders is causing people to migrate. That consumers are using the internet and their mobile phones to make sure they get the best deal possible.

None of these messages is new. In fact, some have been around for decades. Yet what continues to amaze me is the glacial speed at which European retailers seem to adapt to them. Sure, there are bright examples of innovation across the continent, but the majority of retailers I meet still use one-size-fits solutions for a problem that is growing ever more fragmented and multi-dimensional.  

But in an age where Amazon UK is literally competing with the office supply shop in my village, being slow isn't good enough.  

So to get the conversation going, I decided to upload a compilation of presentations I have been doing for retailers, most recently in Tallinn and Vilnuis. None of the trends described are new or exciting. But the key question to ask yourself if you're in retail is "Do I have a clear strategy to deal with them, and is this strategy being executed?".  

If you do, tell me, I'm always looking for best practice cases. If you don't, then I respectfully suggest you get started.

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