Do you wonder how we measure brain activity? Our brains communicate through the cell sending tiny electric signals to each other and the more signals the more electricity it will produce. An EEG can measure the pattern of this electrical activity. There are some who believe that if we stimulate certain part of the brain (pre-frontal cortex) will improve certain functions. For years, there had been experiments of stimulating the brain using small electric currents and see if it can make us thinker better or smarter.
Some believe the results are temporarily and some belief that it helps us overtime and the impact is long lasting. Not enough studies to prove it but expect products like this availabe in the market as werables soon. But attaching dozens electrodes to your head that shock your brain, a new product called Foc-us headset is designed for gamers (18 years and older and have $249 to spend) promise to make you a better gamer.
If it can do that to gaming, then it should work for other brain activities too. I can see a high end version for stock brokers and probably one for hedge fund manafers too. So far, scientists have tested the technology, but mainly to figure out if it's has any effect but no idea of prolonged use. Brain enhancement wearables can be a big thing and it is like Viagra for the brain.
A recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE, it examines how to identify emotions without relying on people's ability to express themselves. It could be used to assess an individual's emotional response to almost any kind of stimulus including faces, advertising or products. The idea is based on the assumptions that different people tend to neutrally encode emotions in similar ways. The researchers believed that is the case. In the future, wearable means literally wearing our emotions on our sleeves. The method for brain stimulation here istDCS, for transcranial direct current stimulation, and it's a brain stimulation method that involves sending ultra low amounts of electrical current through various parts of the brain to achieve different effects. You probably have seen this in movies for medical treatment and it has been used since 1804.
Actually the design of the device is not complicated, The tDCS enthusiast community is also blossoming, especially considering that stimulation can be replicated with do-it-yourself electrodes and over-the-counter batteries and perhaps it is the next iPhone and we will all be wearing one around with downloadable apps for stocks picking, chessgame, dating, anti-repression, golfing, negotiating and fishing. The competition to become strataight As students will depend on which werables that you use.