How Serious Is The Problem Of The Youthfulness Of Those Working In The Media Industry?

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For as long as I can remember the fact that marketing in general and the media industry in particular is stuffed full of bright young things has been an excuse for how engages with older consumers.
It is an appealing argument and I expect that it has some truth. But only some truth.
This article in Media Week is an interesting take on the issue.
I work with a lot of younger people and I find them, in the main, to be extremely bright and aware of what they know and don’t about the older demographic.
My take is this – a  good marketer can be 25 or 65. It is a matter of attitude, intelligence and stamina. Sure a 25 year old will not have experienced as much as a 65 year old but sometimes (not always) it is good to question the orthodox view.  Dick Stroud