When I was cleaning out my hard-drive earlier this week, I came across this presentation I did last April at the VTM Day (where I had the honour of sharing the stage with my hero Luc Besson :-)

When looking at it again, I did get this feeling that I was using all sorts of fancy pictures and one-liners to state the bleedin' obvious.  But last night I decided to switch on TV and not touch the fast forward button of my DVR for the whole evening.  I have to admit that I didn't get beyond the first hour before my index finger reach for the "make the ads disappear" button.  So perhaps there is still a need for the message I brought in April.

What do you think?


PS. If you were at the event, you may notice that this presentation is longer than the one I did in April.  This is, so to say, the "director's cut" :-)