A New Year Resolution for 2011

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“I promise not to use Apple, Nike or any other exceptional international superstar brand to prove a point in 2011.”

The excess and extent to which some of these brands are taken to account for stuff invites to think that if only half of it where true, the other half wouldn’t be.

Apple (as an example) is not proof that something might work. It is the story of one spectacular company, unique leadership and the right circumstances. If its success was copyable it would have been copied. Waving the Apple icon in front of readers or clients eyes is not only irrelevant, but also a distraction.

Brand superstars serve as proof that anything could happen, inviting clients to take a chance on both the best and worst of ideas – instead of forcing us to work within the confines of reality where only something could happen.

In 2011 I will stop using universals as proof that anything is possible, because the most interesting stuff, the most valuable stuff, is found when we agree that our clients have clear and identified limitations – and then solving stuff within these.


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