Google Zeitgeist 2010

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Guest Post by: Matthew Rogers

In annual celebration of the year’s events, Google’s ‘Year In Review’ video, Zeitgeist 2010 looks at some of the most talked about subjects.

It would seem that Justin Bieber’s hypnotic stranglehold has now finally overpowered the entire world. Looking at Google’s breakdown of the video here, it appears Justin Bieber gets the most attention on Google, scoring as the fastest rising entity in both the Person and Entertainment categories, and subsequently, overall. This seems somewhat unsurprising considering his dominance on Twitter. He was the only person in their top ten trends list they released recently, scoring at number 8, just behind the iPad and Google Android.

Interestingly, Google have also ranked the fastest falling search terms. This is perhaps a good indicator of topics that received arguably too much attention last year. Sure enough, at the top of the list is Swine Flu, followed by other over-hyped subjects such as Susan Boyle and Slumdog Millionaire. Other terms in the fastest falling ten, merely bring a tear to my eye, knowing the world is slowly moving on e.g. Michael Jackson and MySpace layouts.

Image by: OZinOH

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