The 50+ Worker

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This report, from Friends Provident and created by the Future Foundation, looks at the workforce of the future, through the eyes of three groups: those over 55, new graduates and the ‘sandwich generation’ who are balancing the dual demands of young children and ageing parents. It is the second of their reports and speculates how things on what life will be like for your average worker in of 2020.

It is well worth downloading and contains lots of interesting analysis. I don’t agree with some of the conclusions but it is a good contribution to the subject. I thought this was an interesting set of responses to the question of continuing work.

I fear that we might be in for a period of intergeneration strife, where older works want/need to keep working, but this is perceived as stopping young people entering the workforce. Of course this is not a strong argument but it could play well to the media, who are not renowned for the depth of their analysis.

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