Google Goes Simple and Meaningful with Their TV Ad

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What a well-designed and choreographed TV ad that tells a meaningful, heartwarming and simple story by just showing us enough information and getting us to fill in the rest.

This is the first time I’ve actually seen Google advertise what they are all about. Considering that they hold the majority market share for search engines on the Internet, I am curious to find out their objectives for this ad. My guess would be as a reminder to consumers of what the Google brand is all about.

What I found particularly interesting was the ad’s innovative use of the mouse pointer. In the ad, the pointer runs across the sentences giving us the impression of someone reading or tracking the sentences with their eyes.

How many of you actually read on the computer and track words with your mouse pointer? I know I do it some times. So by mimicking this habit, we unconsciously track the words that eventually builds up the story behind the ad. Very clever I must say.

Image source: edans

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