Welcome to Our New Website

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When you are reading this, it’s the first blogpost on our entirely renewed website. Like the dutch saying goes ‘the shoemakers kids always walk barefoot’ – our own site got neglected a bit, and when we decided to finally redevelop it,  it took us a bit longer than planned, but we’re finally able to proudly present…

We put a lot of emphasis on content, and try to cross-link different types of content based on relevance – presentations and blogposts, comments and people.

We also decided to integrate the various blogs and other publications more structurally into one site to further enhance that overall.

We’ve also decided to tell you a little bit more about us – our people, what we do, cases and credentials. As you may recall, we kept our cards a bit close to our chest up till now, but now we like to share our ideas and cases even more widely.

This also reflects the changes in our company and network, on which you will hear more in the coming weeks. Lots of interesting and exciting developments! You already see several new locations and associated, but there will be our own network, new activities, new blog contributors….and lots more.

Our friends from Logic in Motion (link: http://logicinmotion.eu/ ) have done a great job in building this highly content driven site in Drupal, which gives us great flexibility in managing the content. This of course will also lead to occasional hiccups – please forgive us beforehand. A major concern was of course the conversion of close to 4000 blogposts from the old to the new system. But – some minor layout issues aside, this seems to have worked fine.

Like any website, obviously this project will never be ‘finished’, as there is always new content to be added. Having said that, as we did underestimate a bit how much new content we really needed, you will see a lot of additional content (particularly relating to locations, people and cases) being added over the next few days – so please check back regularly.

Also, if you find a bug, a missing link – or just want to give us some ideas on how to improve, please use the button ‘Feedback’ on the left.

So, hopefully you will enjoy the new site as much as we are proud of it, and find lots of content to your ilk.