Facebook Is Getting Older and Older

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by: Dick Stroud

Just as pressed ‘publish’ for the last item about Facebook, another item popped-up in my inbox. This one is about a report just published by Nielsen (Global Faces and Networked Places). I suggest you have a look at this report.

Nielsen shows that Facebook’s greatest growth in global audience numbers come from people aged 35-49. Isn’t it nice when two bits of research come to the same conclusion!

For the sake of accuracy, Nielsen defines ‘global’ as Switzerland, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, USA, Brazil. Don’t ask me why.

In terms of audience numbers the greatest growth for Facebook has come from people aged 35-49 years of age (+24.1 million). The social networking site added almost twice as many 50-64 year olds visitors (+13.6 million) than it has added under 18 year old visitors (+7.3 million). What a nice quote for your next presentation about oldies and Web!

In Nielsen’s own words: “Consequently, people under 18 years old are making up less of the social network and blogging audience, whereas the 50+ age group are accounting for more of the audience.”

The diagram shows data from Nielsen Online, Global Index, December 2007 – December 2008.

How interesting.

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