Insights into the Concerns of the Over-50s

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by: Dick Stroud

Beyond Westminster, is a BBC radio programme that as the name implies is about issues of UK politics. This Saturday it was all about the attitudes and values held by of older voters and the implications for the policies of the main political parties – and for the other age groups in the population.

I really recommend you download this podcast and have a listen. Whilst the theme of the programme is about the political issues the research and the dialogue has a lot of consequences for marketers.

Joining the programme’s host (Andrew Rawnsley) are three ‘thinking’ politicians – a minority in the UK – who talk a lot of sense.

If you want another insight into the mind of the over-50s you have 18 days left to look at the Channel 4 Despatches programme “Too Old to Work”. If you are outside the UK you might have problems accessing this (you will need IE – it doesn’t work with Firefox). Select the 9th Feb programme. I warn you it is horribly depressing.

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