Education Not Age Determines Internet Use

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by: Dick Stroud

Today the Office of National Statistics has released some data that comes to the most astonishing conclusion (cynical comment): Education plays a key role as to whether people have Internet.

This is something we have known for at least 5 years, probably 10 years, so it is nice to see that the conclusion still holds true.

The ONS found that a 93% of adults aged under-70 who had a degree or equivalent qualification were thought to have access to the Internet in their home.

So the next time some dimwit asks you about age and Internet use – tell them this fact. Age, is not the main determinant of Internet use. It changes once somebody reaches their late 60s but that is for a very different reason – not being exposed to PCs during their prime working life.

So let me spell it out in words of one syllable. A person aged 70 with a degree is more likely to be using the Internet than a 35 year old who left school when they were 16 years old.

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