AARP Launches New Games Web Portal

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by: Dick Stroud

AARP recently re-launched its web site. Part of the refresh is a new gaming area (sorry I should have said portal) provided by Arkadium.

The VP for AARP’s Web Strategy and Operations says: "Boomers on the Internet spend more than 100 minutes of their leisure time per week playing video or computer games online.” That seems like a long time to me but as somebody who can’t complete the junior crossword that’s not surprising.

The sudoku phenomenon and the popularity of games widgets on social networking sites shows that there are lots of older people who are happy to waste (sorry) spend their life solving puzzles.

It looks a well designed web site. Something that interested me about the main AARP site is the prominent use of the term 50+. Maybe the ‘Boomers’ are on the way out?

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