by: David Armano

Walking by the train tracks on my way to work one day, I noticed a tiny tree sprouting from the rocks alongside the tracks. Headphones on, and power walk in place, I saw it—but really didn't "see" it. But a "whisper" told me to stop. So I did. Taking off my headphones, I knelt down and took this picture. The whisper said  "There's something here. Something to think about... How can tree grow in a place like this?".

With the image captured I went about the rest of my day but couldn't stop thinking about it. And it made made me realize a few things. Life thrives in unexpected places and beauty can be found anywhere. Technology helps us capture a moment, but it can also keep us from hearing the whispers that are so important for our own development. 

Life's whispers are often soft and subtle. They come without warning. The whispers are always there—but we're not always listening. The noise we surround ourselves with often keeps the whispers at bay. We become incapable of hearing them, until we choose to. At this point we see through fresh eyes.

I'm choosing to listen. But first I had to slow down and stop in order to do so. I had to be willing to miss the train if it meant learning something, even if just for the day. The whispers are there, waiting for us to notice them. But only if we're open to turning our own volume down, even if only for a brief moment in time. For me, this moment just happened to be the right one.

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